History of Skiing in Pakistan and rise of WSFP
WSFP is Born

Skiing in Pakistan has been in vouge for a very long time. Locals residing in snowy, mountainous terrain in the northern parts of Pakistan do so on improvised wooden skies.

However, it was in 1958 when the PAF pioneered formal skiing by introducing the sport for its aircrew. Besides its own personnel, PAF began to offer some training to Government Departments, Civilians and Students at Naltar. The sports however remained largely under development until the creation of Ski Federation of Pakistan (SFP) in December, 1990.

In December 1990 the Ski Federation of Pakistan was formed and as a pioneer of the sport PAF was the natural choice for managing the affairs of the Federation and further promotion of the sport. Pursuant to the charter of the Federation Chief of the Air Staff, PAF became the Patron in Chief white the Vice Chief of Air Staff is nominated as President of the Federation.

All provinces, as well as Gilgit Baltistan, Azad Jamu & Kashmir, Armed Forces of Pakistan and a few other organizations / clubs are the members of the Federation.
Winter Sports Federation of Pakistan (WSFP) is the sole sports body to encourage, promote, develop, regulate and control Winter Sports in the country.

The Winter Sports Federation of Pakistan is the national governing body to develop and promote winter sport in the Country.

Winter Sports Federation of Pakistan was formed In December 1990 with Chief of the Air Staff, PAF as its Patron in Chief and the Vice Chief of Air Staff as President of the Federation. National Championships in alpine and cross country ski events are held annually and Pakistani skiers are also regularly representing the Country in international competitions.

The Federation is affiliated with the International Ski Federation (FIS) and the Asian Ski Federation (ASF).
The Federation is also affiliated with the Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) and the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB). The Federation has so far arranged 25 Alpine National Ski Championships and …Cross Country competitions.

Pakistan skiers have represented the country at Vancouver and Sochi winter Olympic Games in 2010 and 2014 respectively. Off late, Pakistan athletes participated in 8th Asian Winter Games, held in Sapporo Japan during 19 to 26 Feb 17.

1922 - 1980
Services of M Shah Khan in Winter Sports
Group Captain M Shah Khan SJ, SI(M) (Retd)
Shah Khan

Group Captain M Shah Khan (Retd), son of Mir Muhammad Nazim Khan (the ruler of Hunza State), was born in 1922 at Karimabad, Hunza.

He joined the Gilgit Scouts in 1939 as Viceroy Commissioned Officer. From 1947 to 1948, he led the liberation struggle of Gilgit – Baltistan area against the Dogras, commanding a column code named “Eskimo Force”.

He was awarded with Gallantry Award (Sitara-e-Jurat) for his valor during the successful struggle for liberation of Gilgit – Baltistan. As a young and agile prince, Group Captain M Shah Khan (Retd), had an adventurous nature. He was a skilled horseman and an expert polo player.

He also had repute for being an excellent marksman and very precise hunter. His intense desire to serve the country and love for adventure made him join Pakistan Army. In 1958, PAF established Ski and Mountaineering School at Kalabagh, for which the services of the then Capt M Shah Khan, SJ were initially sought from Pakistan Army to serve as the first Officer Commanding of the School.

In 1958, as Flight Lieutenant, his services were permanently transferred to PAF and in 1960 he established the PAF Ski and Survival School at Naltar Bala. Then onwards, unprecedented developments took place at PAF Detachment, Naltar under Shah Khan’s close supervision.

Significant among which are the Ski slopes : Shaggy Dog, Kinder Garten (KG) and Wild Boar and the installation of three-ski tow lifts. He has the credit of being the pioneer of Skiing in Pakistan, and also of introducing this sport as a part of Snow Survival Training for the PAF aircrew at Naltar. Owing to his hard work, dedication and interest, the fascinating sport of Skiing earned its due place among the winter sports and attained its present status in the country.

Being selflessly committed to the cause of promotion of the game and the facilities, he remained Officer In-Charge PAF (Dett) Kalabagh from 1958 till 1975, which indeed is a record time duration.

In 1975, Kalabagh attained the status of a full-fledge Base and (then) Wg Cdr M Shah Khan, SJ was appointed as the first Base Commander of PAF Base, Kalabagh and promoted to the rank of Group Captain. On 23rd March, 1980, he was awarded Sitara-e-Imtiaz (Military) for his meritorious services.

The illustrious career of this highly respected, courageous, loyal and committed officer came to an end on 25 March, 1980, when after rendering commendable services, he retired from PAF.

Hall of Fame
Ms Saadia Khan
M Saadia Khan

Saadia Khan was born on 06 September, 1977, daughter of Brigadier M Akram Khan (Retd). She spent her early childhood in Abbottabad.

Growing up to be a lovely girl, possessing diverse talents and exceptional humane credentials. She always attained remarkable grades in studies and qualified MBA in Technology Management from NUST in 2001.

Right from childhood, she had passion for skiing. Perusing her interest, she went to Naltar in 1984, however, could not ski because of non-availability of children’s skies. In 1985, Saadia started off with improvised wooden skis.

In 1990, she went to Norway and Austria along with her parents and got a chance to further master her skiing skills. During her stay in Gaschurn Austria, Saadia participated in a Ski Competition, and achieved 2nd position among all other European participants.

In 1991, she learnt water skiing and became the first qualified female water skier of Pakistan. Same year, she won Annual Talent Award for children in sports.

However, her talent got its recognition in 2002, when she participated in first 1st National Skiing Championship for ladies at Malam Jabba and won Gold Medal. Saadia was not only the first female youth sportsperson and an acclaimed international skier, rather her personality was a genuine blend of sincerity, humility and love of fellow beings.

She proved this while she sacrificed her life while saving a young boy on 13th April, 2002 when driving home on Islamabad Expressway. Saadia’s life began and ended in glory, a life full of brilliance and unparalleled elegance that everyone appreciated.

To honour the Saadia’s sill in skiing and to honour her heroic deed, Saadia Khan Ski Cup for ladies and children was introduced on 2004, and is now held every year.