Scholarship Awarded to Athlete

In 2023, Mr. Shabbir made history by becoming the first athlete from his country. His impressive performance earned him a 04 Gold Medals in FIS Cross Country Ski Championship and 01 Gold Medal in National Cross Country Ski Championship. Recognizing his hard work and efforts, he is awarded with the scholarship by International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Dream Program 2k23-2k24

The Dream Program offers a unique and valuable experience for young athletes and their coach, providing them with the tools and resources to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential in their respective sports. In this regard our 02 young athletes and 01 senior coach are directed to attend the Training Camp with the hope to attend more advanced training and being a steppingstone for these promising youths to pursue their dreams as winter sports athletes.

Pir Chinaesee

Winter Sports Festival held in the region of Pir Chinaesee

National Grass Ski Championship

Grass Ski Championship 2K23 held at National Level

Curling Training Camp AJK

A Curling Training Camp held in the region of AJK (Azad Jammu and Kashmir)

Dream Program Korea 2K23

Korean Dream Program 2K23, a collaboration with Korea and WSFP

FIS Cross Country Rattu

Collaboration between FIS and WSFP, related to the Cross Country in the Rattu Region

Hall of Fame

Our Hall of Fame Ms Saadia Khan from 1977 to 2002 as an honorable mention of Saadia Khan

Chitral Training Camp

Winter Sports Camp held in the region of Chitral

National Ice Sports Event 2K23

National level Ice Sports Event in 2K23 from WSFP

Sadia Khan Ski Cup 2K23 Ganga Choti AJK

Saadia Khan Ski Cup 2k23 in the region of Ganga Choti of AJK (Azad Jammu and Kashmir) in the honorable mentions of Ms Saadia Khan

Ski Simulator Training Karachi

Ski Training done on the Ski Simulator in the region of Karachi

Winter Sports Festival Ghizar

Wonderful Winter Sports festival held in the region of Ghizar